Ruzu Herbal Bitters On Fibroid

Good morning !   I am so excited to share this, A customer I sold Ruzu bitters to shared this testimony: She has fibroid, the growth is big and  very painful to her. She has been given appointment for surgery in February 2016. She bought a bottle of Ruzu & after three days of taking it, she went for a check up on appointment. The doctor expressed surprise @ d result of d test & scan.The doctor then inquired to know the type of drugs that performed such magic. The customer excitedly answered & said Ruzu. Of course, the doctor has never heard of Ruzu before then. Doctor advised that she takes three bottles more and observe before February that d surgery is to take place. She was so excited at d way Ruzu worked on her within 3 days. She saw some lumps coming out of her menstrual flow.

Shared by Jenny.


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