My Dad has battled Enlarged Prostate with some complications for a few years. We moved hospitals on recommendation, a few times without much result. We have spent so much as well. Recently, I was told that RUZU Black for Men was good for Prostate related issues. I got a bottle for my Dad and before he finished the 200mls bottle, the improvement in his health was remarkable. The cost vs result is amazing!

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Ruzu Herbal Bitters On Fibroid

Good morning !   I am so excited to share this, A customer I sold Ruzu bitters to shared this testimony: She has fibroid, the growth is big and  very painful to her. She has been given appointment for surgery in February 2016. She bought a bottle of Ruzu & after three days of taking it, she went for a check up on appointment. The doctor expressed surprise @ d result of d test & scan.The doctor then inquired to know the type of drugs that performed such magic. The customer excitedly answered & said Ruzu. Of course, the doctor has never heard of Ruzu before then. Doctor advised that she takes three bottles more and observe before February that d surgery is to take place. She was so excited at d way Ruzu worked on her within 3 days. She saw some lumps coming out of her menstrual flow.

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Chronic back pains gone

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A Rev. Sr. by name Stella  Marris had a growth at her back which has been there for the past 15 years, she informed me. When I first introduced Ruzu to her ( that time I never knew she had a growth), she just reluctantly took it. She of course informed me that she doesn’t believer in all this traditional medicines. I just asked her to try it. Well, she believe me and started taking it. After 2 weeks, she called me and told me that there is something she is noticing about the product. That was when she opened up to me and informed me about the growth. She informed me that the growth stopped paining her a long time ago but whilst taking Ruzu, the pain came back. I was afraid at first and asked her to stop taking it since its disturbing her. She said her faith is telling her to keep taking it. I allowed her to go with her faith. After another two weeks, she called me again and with smiles she asked me to guess. Of course, I couldn’t guess. I was a bit afraid again. I wouldnt want Rev Sr. to give me another bad news. Only  for her to open up that the growth has disappeared and pain gone. ” My goodness!” Could that be true? I don’t have to doubt her knowing who and what she is. To seal it up, she asked that I bring the carton that she will tell people about it. As at today,the Rev. Sr. Has made RUZU not only to be sold in the parish but also popular.

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