Ruzu Herbal Bitters, Uses And Testimonies

Ruzu Herbal Bitters  is an amazing herbal wonder! It combines 3 key herbs, and a few secret ones to keep the potency off the limit of those who may access the formula to copy it.

What is Ruzu Bitters 

Ruzu bitters is not just another supplement, its curative! It’s not a 60 day trial product, the effects can be seen in under 24 hours. Ruzu Bitters is different from all other bitters in that it’s 100% natural, no additives and no artificial preservatives ( RUZU HERBAL BITTERS INGREDIENTS ). All the extraction materials are all natural. It’s nature’s pure miracle in a bottle!ruzu_bitters

The Ruzu Herbal Bitter consists of 3 key ingredients . The Uvaria Chamae (also known as bush banana), Curgulico Pilosa (also known as squirrel groundnut)  and Colocythis citrullus (also referred to as bitter  apple, desert gourd or egusi). These herbs grow in different parts of the world in commercial quantity and has been produced with remarkable results and testimonies over time .


Functions of Ruzu Bitters:


Infections gone!!!

I met this young man sitting inside his car at the restaurant in V/I and gave him my flier, within two minutes he called my line that I should come back.

He told me he has fungal infection whether Ruzu can cure it and I told him Ruzu will take care of any type infections in the body.

He lamented a while, that no enough cash on him, he prefer to buy the big bottle.

Nevertheless, he bought one small bottle to try.


ruzu herbal bitters

Like a week later, I gave him a call and asked how about my Ruzu you bought? The response was so amazing, he told me on phone that the infection has gone even his wife used out of it and the spouse testify that Ruzu is so powerful. The young man was so excited on the phone and started thanking me.


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You Won’t Believe This!

When you miss your period, the first feeling is to think you are pregnant and that is great news! However when you confirm you are not pregnant and yet your period is not coming at pre-menopause age you get worried. You get worried sick when this goes on for a whole 4 years.

This was the case of a lady in my office. Trips to the hospital made her realize this was either a hormonal imbalance or an underlying gynecological disorder, a condition that increases the risk of Osteoporosis (disease in which the bones of the body become brittle making them easier to fracture) in women.

After years of trying different pills at the hospital and nothing worked, you can begin to imagine how frustrated she was. I recommended Ruzu to her after hearing a few testimonies along that line. She agreed to give it a try and that was the turning point.

In 3 days she couldn’t stop screaming as her menstrual flow resumed. After 4 years of not seeing it and trying various things, here she was with her period back in 3 days of using Ruzu. It was unbelievable!

Today she promotes Ruzu with passion. She is now committed to ensuring everyone with her old condition and other conditions can have access to Ruzu to live a healthier life.

Ruzu Works! People are living healthier and richer.

Shared by Mrs. Naomi

Ruzu on Pains, Irregular menstruation, waist and back pains, arthritis

1.The latest ‘ On Saturday morning to find serious pain on ruzu herbal bitters and its uses the right side of my neck. The pain was from inside to  outside, swallowing was difficult. I ignored it and  went  for a Church Leaders meeting where I shared d pain with a health Practitioner. She advised me on what to take. I just decided to take Ruzu that night, and on Sunday I was up for service without d pain.     

2. In Sept I had an encounter with a woman who is not up to 50 years, but have her menstrual  period ceased from May this year (2015), but took ruzu in a  night towards end of Sept, the following morning she experienced blood flow which continued.

3. I had a friend whom after a week complained of waist and back pain. And I introduced almighty ruzu , although d lady started stooling, she called wt  laughter and said ‘ Mama na Ruzu get power o. That even her husband n her son like it. She takes it regularly now.

4. I am attending to an old Colleague of mine who is having difficulty in movement because of arthritis. After taking a bottle he was angry that he didn’t feel anything, she sent the money to me through the daughter. I called and  encouraged her then  sent 2 extra bottles but after few days she agreed and can now purge and move a little more after taking d 2 bottles  I sent. God helping us We’ ll like to let people know more about  Ruzu bitters.

Shared by Mrs Egbabge

Ovarian Cyst Gone!

 “Good Morning. I am glad to confidently inform the house that I used Ruzu bitters to treat Ovarian Cyst. This morning I went for a scan and I was told it as disappeared. Grateful to God and thanks to Ruzu Herbal Store”

Shared~ Mrs Oshin

Stroke Cured

“I gave a bottle of Ruzu Herbal Bitters to a friend of mine whose mum had stroke. She was totally immobilized by the stroke. She can now move her limbs, talk and eat as well. She couldn’t do all these before.” ~ Mr. Amakwe

Ruzu Herbal Bitters And Fibroid

Good morning.  I am so excited to share this, A customer I sold Ruzu to shared this testimony: She has fibroid, the growth is big & very painful to her. She has been given appointment for surgery in February 2016. She bought a bottle of Ruzu & after three days of taking it, she went for a check up on appointment. The doctor expressed surprise @ d result of d test & scan. The doctor then inquired to know the type of drugs that performed such magic. The customer excitedly answered & said Ruzu. Of course, the doctor has never heard of Ruzu before then. Doctor advised that she takes three bottles more and observe before February that d surgery is to take place. She was so excited at d way Ruzu worked on her within 3 days. She saw some lumps coming out of her menstrual flow.

Shared by Jenny.

Ruzu brings back Fertility!!!

ruzu_for_infertilityHave they stopped? Some people were wondering how come I’ve not been sharing Ruzu posts lately. Is it that the testimonies have stopped coming in? Not at all! Here’s one that came in last                              week….simply amazing! “I think it’ll not be right to keep this testimony to myself. There are testimonies and there are testimonies….

Three days ago, I got a call from a friend, and got invited over. My friend’s wife told me the following testimony:  ‘I have a friend who has been believing God for the fruit of the womb. She had tried IVF 3 times and wasn’t successful. So she coughed out N8 million to get her first child through surrogacy. She got a girl. She also paid N10 million to get her second child through surrogacy, a boy.

However her doctor friend asked her to try Ruzu, which she reluctantly did. She and her husband started taking Ruzu. She stopped after 3 months, but her husband continued because it was excellent on his BP issues. She’s presently 3 months pregnant and doing very well.’

As my friend’s wife paid for her carton of ruzu, I had chills all over my body. Natures Pure Miracle – Ruzu!  Please can you tell someone to ‘TRY RUZU’!!!

WOW! Does this kind of product need any incentive? It still gives incentives! You can help someone get their health in shape and still get paid. It doesn’t get better than this…..helping lives!

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Ruzu Bitters on Diabetesruzu for diabetes

Two Days ago was World Diabetes Day. Globally, an estimated 422 million adults  were living with diabetes in 2014, compared to 108 million in 1980. Diabetes caused 1.5 million deaths in 2012. ~w.h.o

The percentage of deaths attributable to high blood glucose or diabetes that occurs prior to age 70 is higher in low- and middle-income countries than in high-income  countries. (Nigeria is not spared at all!)

Diabetes and its complications are a major cause of morbidity and mortality globally. Apart from heart disease, stroke, kidney and nervous system damage, a common complication of Diabetes is the incident of sores which refuse to heal and eventually lead to lower extremity amputation. Below is someone’s account of a diabetic sore:

I once spoke with a doctor colleague about RUZU Bitters and she told me clearly that they don’t do herbals.  Then one of the days I overheard her telling someone that she has a relation that has a very bad diabetic sore. I approached her again about Ruzu telling her that I heard Ruzu can take care of it. She started saying that all these herbals have side effect. We chatted a bit more and when she heard about the people on the board of Directors of this ‘herbals’ , she decided to give it a try.  She took one bottle. After the 2nd week, she paid for another 3 bottles saying that her relation said the sore was drying up. Today the sore is totally healed – thanks to RUZU Herbal Bitters! (Shared by Chinyere Steve)

RUZU Bitters is indeed Nature’s Pure Marvel! It dried up the sore and reversed the inevitable loss of the leg. RUZU mops up oxidative stress; that’s one of the reasons why it manages diabetes well working right from the cellular level.

Where to buy Ruzu Herbal Bitters

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Read A Research On Ruzu Herbal Bitters At The Covenant University Institution (Department of Biological Sciences, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Unit, Covenant University, Nigeria). Published at SCIENCE ALERT

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  1. Please how do I get it. 07069715531 please contact me


  2. Ruzu bitters is like a diamond in my house , we don’t joke with it .
    We all love it .
    Thanks Ruzu Herbal Shop


  3. Can Ruzu herbal bitter cure hepatitis B…. Or do you have any product that can cure it

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  4. Can Ruzu herbal bitter cure hepatitis…. Or do you have any product that can cure it


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  8. Thanks, my elder brother is diabetic for more than 8years now.pls ineed your drugs what. can I do,I mean how and where to find them?

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    • Hello Francis , Sorry about your elder brother , no worries , we have a solution for him .
      please call us for better assessment and prescription on +2348037816469.
      thanks for reaching out to us


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  10. Please how do I get Ruzu bitters
    I stay in Bonny local government area in Rivers State

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  12. Naturally I don’t like bitters but ruzu herbal bitters changed my perception about bitters and its efficacy . fibroid was gone and 5 years of pile wahala is gone

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  14. Thanks to Ruzu bitters my family loves it to detox , its a great product though im still surprise on how it cured my sister’s from arthritis and pile wahala

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  15. Thanks for finding us useful to your needs ,
    Your cousin can get Ruzu herbal bitters from our online store here , Tell her to place her order through the store , we will ship the Ruzu to her within 4 days


  16. I never knew there’s a blog that dwell extensively and Ruzu bitters, I’m a regular uses of ruzu bitters and ruzu tea. I have a cousin that lives in United States, can your store ship some few bottles of ruzu bitters to him?

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  19. I have tried bitters but truly Ruzu is one of a kind. A friend gave it to me. i introduce it to my family members and they all like it but the problem is there is no branch in Akwa ibom state where we can get it. please what is the way forward?

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    • Hello Eme Ben , We are glad to know you and your family loves our amazing Ruzu Products , We can connect you to our office in Port Harcourt to get our products with ease . kindly reach our Ruzu Support line to get further details here +2348114787814.
      Thanks ,

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  20. Thanks Christain , we appreciate your comment and we re pleased to know that you got satisfaction from dealing with our store

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  21. Nice Write up, Please keep up the good works , Ruzu Herbal bitters has really saved my family from lots of health issues and thanks my Cousin put to birth 3 weeks ago ….courtesy to ruzu bitters .

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