ruzu herbal bitters


Ruzu herbal bitters is nature’s pure miracle which is not just a supplement but a curative product. It’s not a product you have to wait for ages to see it’s effect or result, results can be seen sooner than you think

This product is produced by Ruzu Natural Health Products & Services under the best conditions and requirements .

Note: Ruzu has just launched the following products

Ruzu herbal bitters

Ruzu Natural Health

Ruzu herbal bitters promotes natural health, this bitters is different from all other bitters in the sense that, it is 100% natural with no additives or artificial preservatives.

The bitters is made from pure natural ingredients, and that’s why it is called Nature’s Pure Miracle OR  Nature Pure Marvel .

Ruzu Bitters Review

Ruzu herbal bitters is a unique blend active ingredients that can be used to manage and control various health related problems

The 3 major components Of Ruzu Bitters

  • The Uvaria Chamae also known as Bush Banana
  • Curculigo Pilosa also know as Squirrel Groundnut
  • Colocythis citrullus also referred to as Bitter Appple, Desert Gourd or Egusi

Please note the following report is based on research from different researchers in different countries

Bush Banana

  • Helps treat fever.
  • It has a wide spectrum of anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties.
  • It eases severe abdominal pains.
  • It is a solution for cerebral diseases.
  • It is used for amenorrhea and to prevent miscarriage.
  • It is useful for energizing and arresting aging-lassitude and senescence, purgative and febrifugal properties.
  • It treats Jaundice
  • It is useful for managing childbirth pains
  • It has antibiotic properties and is a cheaper form of chemotherapeutic agent.
  • It is useful for the treatment of Bronchitis and Gonorrhea
  • It is useful for treating diarrhea and dysentery
  • It is good for applying on wounds and sores to promote healing
  • It is very potent for the relief symptoms of cardiac insufficiency, coughs and circulatory problems.
  • It can serve as a good anti-malaria, anti-diabetic and strong anti-oxidant cure
  • It helps treat conjunctivitis
  • It has blood purification properties.
  • It is very active in treating malaria, kidney and liver infections
  • You can use it to gargle for sore throat
  • It is the primary ingredient for most herbal antibiotics

Squirrel Groundnut

  • It can help treat gastrointestinal and heart diseases.
  • It helps treat leukemia, gonorrhea and cough.
  • It is an astringent agent, aphrodisiac and demulcent agent as well
  • It is an anti-diabetic, anti-cancer, antioxidant, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory agent
  • It is effective against strains of gram-nagative bacteria as those of Escherichiacoli, Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, Staphylococuss Aureus and Enterococcus faecallis among others

Bitter Apple

  • It has strong purgative properties which can help cure intestinal problems like constipation.
  • It stimulates the kidney and helps to maintain a healthy urinary tract.
  • It is a powerful hydragogue cathartic and hepatic stimulant.
  • It has strong emmenagogue, cbolic, febrifugal and vermifugal properties
  • It helps purify the blood
  • It helps bring relief from poisoning resulting from scorpion bites and snake bits
  • It is a powerful laxative.
  • It helps remove tumours present in the gastro intestinal tract or in the stomach
  • It aids the stimulation of the liver and facilitates smooth secretion of bile.
  • It is used to scrap and remove warts and corns from the skin.
  • It has strong anti-carcinogenic properties and is used in the production of anti-cancerous drugs
  • It is used to remedy blood disorders such as leukemia.
  • It serves as a powerful remedy against a health disorder known as Ascites
  • It can help reduce rheumatism as well as arthritis and joint pains
  • It also helps cure menstrual disorders.
  • It helps give relief from Amenorrhea, obstinate edema, worm infestation, jaundice, bronchitis, asthma, abdominal disorders and cerebral derangements.

Health benefits of Ruzu Bitters

Ruzu herbal bitters can help people take care of the followings health challenges;

  • Suffering from Diabetes? Well Ruzu Herbal Bitters can help you manage Diabetes
  • Are you a man with weak erection? Let Ruzu bitters help you manage it and to get an amazing results add Ruzu Black For Men to it. Surprise your wife or partner with a treat of hot love making
  • You don’t like the smell of malaria drugs or you are like me that just don’t like using drugs? Then switch to Ruzu bitters for anti-malaria and anti-typhiod alternative.
  • Women suffering from vaginal discharge can also use Ruzu bitters to control it
  • Women again, are you having menstrual disorders or anomalies? Ruzu bitters can control it.
  • Suffering from high blood pressure? Ruzu bitters can help you suppress and manage it in no time
  • Do you constantly experience waist, back and joint pains? With Ruzu bitters it will become a thing of the past
  • Women who have fibroid can also benefit from ruzu bitters, it works perfectly to shrink the fibroid tumor cells and flush it off
  • Having infertility problems? Use Ruzu bitters
  • Ruzu bitters helps manage Gonorrhea and Staphylococcus, no need to go to the local guys again
  • Ruzu bitters can also help you manage syphilis and pile at the convenience of your home
  • Are you obese or having stomach troubles? Ruzu bitters can help you manage it
  • Ruzu bitters detoxifies the kidney and tones the liver

Side Effects of Ruzu Bitters

Well the only side effect we have seen so far is that it is a strong laxative, and might disrupt your day due to the frequent visit to the toilet.

Other than that,  there has been no side effect recorded till date

Ruzu Bitters Testimonies

Ruzu bitters has recorded and is still recording testimonies till date

Ruzu Herbal Bitters For Weight Loss

Ruzu is remarkable for helping people lose weight easily, by strictly adjusting your diet to eating less and using Ruzu, you would lose weight tremendously . How is this so you might ask, well, ruzu is very good for detoxification and during the process of detoxifying your body system leads to weight reduction.

Ruzu Bitters For Fertility

Ruzu Bitters And Pregnancy – The Twins Saga


I don’t do this normally!
Everyday I hear different shapes and sizes of thank you, for acts of kindness, and some as testimonies for the product (Ruzu Herbal Bitters) we sell and how it impacted them.
In the last 1 year, I have heard different testimonies. Amazing testimonies.

The testimony I heard today is exciting… and it may be of value to someone out there!
AFTER 15 years of trusting God for a CHILD…
Doing all sorts, and spending all sorts of amounts…
The Miracle happened after taking 2 Bottles of Ruzu!
Not just one baby – TWIN BOYS!
Just last week! What a way to crown the year!
God truly crowns the year with goodness!

This is not the first of Ruzu Babies… this past few years alone we have celebrated and welcomed to the world nothing less than 100 Ruzu Babies (conservative) in Nigeria and abroad! These are the ones who shared and didn’t keep it a secret! This is amidst other testimonies.
What happened with this mother of twins was an amazing coincidence.

She happened to be driving a car from a women’s convention when our Ruzu Distributor Uduak  got a call on her phone of someone sharing a testimony about having taken in from using Ruzu. She was so excited on the phone, and went on and on.

After she got to where she would alight, the woman who was driving Mrs. Tee who happened to also be a nurse, stopped her in her tracks and asked her if this product could really work for her. Mrs. Uduak asked what the problem was, and she confided that she’s been expecting for 15 years. She’s a nurse, and her husband is a Medical Doctor, and they have tried all sorts. She said she has paid and is willing to pay anything for the opportunity of carrying her own children. She said the way things are going, she doesn’t even know how long she would last in her husband’s house.

The distributor encouraged her to try Ruzu, that it works, and the testimonies are too many not to have confidence to recommend it. She decided to give Ruzu a try. She took a bottle, and then a second bottle before they lost contact briefly with each other.

By the time they saw again, about 2 months down the line, Mrs. Uduak asked her if she had finished her second bottle and needed a third. Instead of responding, she was asked to come nearer… the response came in a whisper – “It is positive, I tested positive, I have taken in”. Mrs. Uduak wanted to SCREAM and SHOUT, but was held back by Mrs. Tee… “Please let’s not make noise about it, let’s wait till it’s time”… That was 8 months ago

Here is a another  testimonies  received  recently from a happy customer

The story of how Ruzu Herbal Bitters saved a man from getting his leg amputated and also saved him N2,500,000 which he didn’t have


Hear me out… this is more than CASH.

1 month ago…I was shown the full picture below, of people who had gone online to raise money for brother Ben Herbert. The Doctors had fixed a date for his leg to be amputated from the Knee. He had a wound, he also had diabetes, and the wound was rotting and getting worse. A fellow distributor and citizen of TRN came to me to ask if we could sacrifice one carton of Ruzu to show what Ruzu can do for this man. I obliged.

By the time Ben’s friends took to social media, he was already on a wheel chair, and it was N2.5m that was required to set things right. Setting things right meant, getting the leg amputated and not walking again.

The pictures speak for themselves, but the video will be more dangerous, wait for it. In less than 4 weeks, and with less than 4 bottles of Ruzu – some ingested and some poured on the wound, Ben Herbert is OFF the WHEEL CHAIR, and the wound is almost fully healed. Look at the pictures!

The Challenge of N2.5million that would have resulted in the man being on a wheel chair all his life has been solved by less than N12,000. God is using Ruzu to turn people’s situations around, and we give Him all the glory. This is just one of the testimonies of Ruzu usage – This is as recent as 2017.

Ruzu Herbal Bitters Price

How much do you think a miracle product like this would cost?
N100,000, N50,000 or N20,000?
Well! we sell Ruzu Herbal Bitters for just N3000

Ruzu Bitters Dosage & Usage

Adults: 20ml- 40ml 2 times daily depending on body weight, medical condition or as directed by your physician
Children: 5ml 1 teaspoon once in 3 days or as directed by your physician

                                          caution.jpg:                      Not to be taken by pregnant women or people suffering from diarrhea



        Distributors Apply
N270,000  (10 cartons

Where to buy Ruzu Herbal Bitters

Ruzu Herbal Bitters is still available

For exclusive consultations , buy it from our store at



  1. I have gone through your Pure Miracle(Ruzu Bitters) and indeed it marvel me. Please I want to ask can Pure Miracle cure Endometriosis and ovarian?


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  3. Ruzu herbal bitters has made a name in my family, friends and relatives, my mom gives ruzu to almost all kind of illness, once we complain of a health challenge it’s GO TAKE RUZU, we always have ruzu around for emergency.
    my mom so much believes in Ruzu that even when her friends and relatives complains of health issues she always advice them to GO TAKE RUZU. I don’t really know the components of this ruzu bitters but the herb works. to my mom, Ruzu is the best herbal product in Nigeria

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