Here is a Sure Path to Wealth. 

Earn N1,000,000 Every 6 Months in 2017.


One of the biggest challenges we have as a nation is that, we have only one major source of income. Empowering the middle to low income earning class is one of the way of building the nation’s economy. We have a mouth-watering proposition for you today. . . Introducing the Helping Lives Business Opportunity!

Helping Lives is a revolution and it exists as a loyalty plan for everyone who seeks to help others live healthier and wealthier via our amazing product called RUZU HERBAL BITTERS

 It’s a product that gives you values for your money ! The more problems you can help people solve, the wealthier you can become. Helping Lives is bringing you a life transforming opportunity. This is surely an opportunity to help people around you, live healthy lives, and also empower you to earn multiples of Million Naira.

 Ruzu Bitters has already created name in countries like U.k, U.S.A, Cameron and Ghana,We encourage you to Partner with  us because Ruzu herbal Bitters is  an  outstanding product with a wonderful efficacy  to generate unlimited  income opportunities for you

Researchers estimated that there were more than 20 million cases of hypertension in Nigeria in 2010, affecting one in-three men and one-in-four women(                                                                                                                     The National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) says the country’s unemployment rate has risen from 13.3 per cent in the 2nd quarter to 13.9 per cent as at  in the 3rd quarter of 2016.(

If you know anyone who suffers from any of these challenges, then you are in a  business of new possibilities.

images (29).jpgDiabetes

images (29).jpgWeak Erection

images (29).jpgTyphoid and Malaria

images (29).jpgVaginal Discharge

images (29).jpgMenstruation anomalies

images (29).jpgHigh Blood Pressure

images (29).jpgWaist, Back and Joint Pains

images (29).jpgFibroid

images (29).jpgInfertility (Male and Female)

images (29).jpgGonorrhea/Staphylococcus

images (29).jpgSyphilis

images (29).jpgPile

images (29).jpgObesity/Stomach Troubles

images (29).jpgDetoxifies the Kidneys

Helping Lives gives you the opportunity to do all this and more. Once you buy a bottle of Ruzu Herbal Bitters or more, you will be joining helping lives and you will be a part of the following

27222739-education-text-blocks.jpgimages-17With approximately 11 Million Nigerian children out of school, Nigeria holds the world record in number of children out of school with one out of every 5 children out of school in the world being a Nigerian.

According to comprehensive research conducted by UNESCO, while primary school attainment rates have improved in most countries, In Nigeria, primary attainment among the poorest households fell from 35% in 2003 to 22% in 2013.

By earning the grand sum of N1,000,000 in Helping Lives the company automatically sends 6  children of your choice  to school in your name. . . Simply amazing!

images (1).png

Today, over hundred million Nigerians live below the poverty line and over 92% of Adult Nigerians have financial worries. Approximately 20 Million Nigerians are classified as either unemployed or underemployed. Surveys reveal that 70% of professionals in Nigeria earn #100,000 or less without any form ofjoin the train.jpg additional bonus, commissions or allowances. With Helping Lives, you can  join our financial train to earn an extra #1,000,000 every 6 months or less following a simple laid out plan. Our desire is to create thousands of millionaires in the days to come and empower people enough to live the life of their dream


Average life expectancy in Nigeria currently stands at 52.11 years. With 56 million Nigerians suffering from High Blood Pressure representing one outad_3 (3).jpg of every 3 Nigerians, 6 million suffering from Diabetes, millions suffering from Dysmenorrhea, Malaria, Arthritis, Pile, Erectile Dysfunction, Bacteria related illnesses and more, taking care of our health and those of our loved ones becomes a top priority with the help of RUZU HERBAL BITTERS




Do you know that 20 Million Nigerians are classified as either unemployed or underemployed? 11 Million Nigerian children out of school ,so with HELPING LIVES LOYALTY PROGRAM WE CAN ERADICATE UNEMPLOYMENT AND SCHOOL DROP OUT


Helping lives compensation plan works on a 5 level  system with an amazing reward on each of the stages

images (30).jpgN10,000 Payout on completion of level 1

images-30N35,000 Payout on completion of level 2

images-30N69,000 Payout on completion of level 3

images-30N1,00,000 Payout on completion of level 4

images-30N140,000 Payout on every of your down-lines that completed level 4

images-30Pay for 6 student of your choice school fees  in your name

plug in.png


WITH JUST  N3,000,   N6,000, N9,000 OR 30,500 

the amazing part is that! each package that you register with, the following with be given to you;

  1. The Miracle Product ( The Money making product ) called Ruzu Herbal Bitters worth more than the value you will pay for
  2. A Personal website
  3. 3 hours coaching and mentoring via one on one or on line  on weekly basis    






join us.jpg


CALL MR  BARO +2348114787814





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