Business Beyond Recession


If you like the idea of earning an extra or even a full time income, you’re welcome to take advantage of our Business Beyond Recession Opportunity. Are you a Worker, Retiree, Youth corps member (NYSC}, House wife, Unemployed or Student? Do you desire an income raise even as a paid employee? I know that feeling when you’re in debt and you use one “gbese” to cover another, this opportunity is available to all of you

Our product is called Ruzu Herbal Bitters – known as “Natures Pure Miracle”. And up to now, it has only been sold as a carton containing 12 bottles (depending on the season)  for  N30,500 naira  which is great for those that can afford it, but we want this miracle product  to be available to everyone, rich and poor. The great news is, Natures Pure Miracle is now also available to the public in quarter of a carton (3 bottles), half a carton (6 bottles), with a percentage of every bottle sale going into the Loyalty Reward Scheme.

With Helping Lives, you can join us in making millions of people live healthier and wealthier. With the testimonies we have received over the last years, we are convinced we are in for a revolution. Testimonies abound over various age group, sex, nationalities and a wide range of illnesses

If you know anyone with High Blood Pressure, Hormonal Imbalance, Diabetes, Erectile Dysfunction and more, you can truly be of help today. By sharing or selling one bottle of Ruzu Bitters to them via Helping Lives, you will be making a difference in their lives that you will always get a thank you and get paid doing it

So how does our Business Beyond Recession work. . .

For each sale of a bottle of Ruzu Herbal Bitters, one position goes into the Feeder stage, creating movement and excitement, with constant re-occurring purchases as 1 bottle lasts an individual approx. 2 weeks give or take a few days.

There are 5 stages:

  1. Feeder : 2×4 forced matrix
    On completion you enter Level 1 and receive a re-entry back into the feeder.
  2. Level 1: 2×2 forced matrix
    On completion you enter Level 2, receive a re-entry back into the feeder and receive a payout of N10,000.
  3. Level 2: 2×2 forced matrix
    On completion you enter Level 3, receive a re-entry back into the feeder and receive a payout of N35,000.
  4. Level 3: 2×2 forced matrix
    On completion you enter Level 2, receive a re-entry back into the feeder and receive a payout of N69,000.
  5. Level 4: 2×2 forced matrix
    On  completion you receive a payout up to N1,000,000, your sponsor receives up to N140,000 and your sponsors sponsor receives up to N140,000. Plus as part of the Slum2School project in Africa; 6 students have their school fees paid for a whole year.

Feeder re-entry rule:
All re-entries go in the first vacant position under sponsor from left to right top to bottom in their feeder matrix. View our matrix plan below


What you make happen for Others, God will make Happen for You!

Deeply entrenched in every human being is a desire to help others. Helping Lives, offers an amazing opportunity to be a part of people’s financial success, healthy living and education while you also achieve amazing results for yourself. Helping Lives is a revolution and it exists as a loyalty plan for everyone who seeks to help others live healthier and wealthier via our amazing product, Ruzu Herbal Bitters.

As you register in helping lives, you will be a part of the following:

Education of the unschooled

With approximately 11 Million Nigerian children out of school, Nigeria holds the world record in number of children out of school with one out of every 5 children out of school in the world being a Nigerian.

According to comprehensive research conducted by UNESCO, while primary school attainment rates have improved in most countries, In Nigeria, primary attainment among the poorest households fell from 35% in 2003 to 22% in 2013.

At Helping Lives, our desire is to be able to help as many children as we can to go to school and increase the rate of primary school attainment in Nigeria.You can contribute to this by plugging into Helping Livesimages-17 and ensuring you make the best of it. By earning the grand sum in Helping Lives, the company automatically sends 6 children to school in your name. . . Simply amazing!

Financial Empowerment

Today, over hundred million Nigerians live below the poverty line and over 92% of Adult Nigerians have financial worries. Approximately 20 Million Nigerians are classified as either unemployed or underemployed. Surveys reveal that 70% of professionals in Nigeria earn #100,000 or less without any form of additional bonus, commissions or allowances.

In the midst of tough economic times we have found ourselves with cost of living going up and income staying constant, empowering people financially is one of the greatest things you can do for them.                                                                                  money

With Helping Lives, you can earn an extra #1,000,000 every 13 weeks to 6 months following a simple laid out plan. Our desire is to create thousands of millionaires in the days to come and empower people enough to live the life of their dreams.

Good Health For Many

Average life expectancy in Nigeria currently stands at 52.11 years. With 56 million Nigerians suffering from High Blood Pressure representing one out of every 3 Nigerians, 6 million suffering from Diabetes, millions suffering from dysmenorrhea, Malaria, Arthritis, Pile, Erectile Dysfunction, Bacteria related illnesses and more, taking care of our health and those of our loved ones becomes a top priority.14225625_1060738687313100_3841009267671313255_n


I challenged you to explore this simple but powerful opportunity. I dare you to give it attention! It is not just a multilevel marketing agenda. It is a movement with a great motive to destroy scarcity, lack and want in people’s lives.

Waste no further time, contact the person that linked you here,  and join the revolution or click here to register


pp (1).jpg

Members of the N1 Million Club and the date they achieved this great milestone:

empower on 01/02/2016 derrickemma on 09/02/2016 skyview on 04/03/2016 empower*1 on 07/03/2016
empower*2 on 15/03/2016 beulah on 26/03/2016 derrickemma*1 on 01/04/2016 vokebob on 01/04/2016
greatmind on 02/04/2016 bembem on 05/04/2016 yomavictor on 09/04/2016 unitedafrica on 18/04/2016
empower*3 on 30/04/2016 riverside on 30/04/2016 greatmindz on 06/05/2016 xtraincomeclub on 16/05/2016
sparkle on 29/05/2016 munatess on 30/05/2016 empower*4 on 01/06/2016 derrickemma*2 on 11/06/2016
beulah*1 on 16/06/2016 skyview*1 on 20/06/2016 vokebob*2 on 20/06/2016 bembem*1 on 24/06/2016
derrickemma*3 on 25/06/2016 unitedafrica*1 on 25/06/2016 favours on 29/06/2016 bussee on 29/06/2016
nextlevel on 02/07/2016 soarlikeeagle on 02/08/2016 kunlealashi on 09/08/2016 efosapeace1 on 09/08/2016
ambosa on 10/08/2016 greatmind*1 on 11/08/2016 greatmindz*1 on 11/08/2016 vipgroup on 13/08/2016
yemadeniyi on 14/08/2016 yomavictor*1 on 15/08/2016 tltjos on 16/08/2016 greatmindz*2 on 21/08/2016
unitedafrica*2 on 22/08/2016 beulah*2 on 24/08/2016 odemo on 24/08/2016 skyview*2 on 24/08/2016
morerin2012 on 24/08/2016 vipgroup*1 on 24/08/2016 empower*5 on 25/08/2016 lambanogirl on 25/08/2016
pastorflow on 04/09/2016 empower*6 on 27/09/2016 vokebob*1 on 27/09/2016 echidex on 08/10/2016
derrickemma*4 on 15/10/2016 dgreatbob on 16/11/2016 evanida*1 on 17/11/2016 riverside*2 on 26/11/2016
empower*7 on 30/11/2016 strongmike on 01/12/2016  

Do Not Click The Registration link Below Nor Register If You Do Not Have Your Registration Fee Of N9,000 (3 bottles) Or N3,000 (1 bottle) Ready In Hand To Activate Your Account/s Within A Maximum Period Of 3 Working Days. Unactivated accounts are deleted and blocked as unserious after 3 Days Authomatically By The System.

Now Ready? Click the arrow below to register:


> On the site that opens click on Register. Or if you are browsing with a

phone  click on “Navigate To” to find menu.


> Select “Register” to sign-up.


> “Fill the form” correctly and submit. Remember to add +234….. in the phone number field.


>After registration Call  Mr Baro on +2348114787814  to make payment and activate account in Helping Lives Ruzu Bottle Play. And get invitation to our office in Port harcourt, Rivers State

> After activating your account/s return to the link below to join our social media interactive Facebook group.




  1. Pls the cost of Registration fees for Ruzu


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